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Search Engine Optimization Services

How would you like to get ranked, for your website, for key terms? Sound interesting? Well, let me let you in on a little secret. The reason so many companies out there charge so little for SEO services, is because they’re hoping you give up on them so they can cash in on the 3-6 months of service they’ve already charged you. See most search engine optimization companies will begin to do work on your website, mostly the wrong way, and then 3-6 months later when you haven’t received any results, they hope you fire them. Why? Because by then, they would have collected the $99 per month fee (times 3-6 months) they were charging you. That’s $300-$600 that you wasted on them doing bad SEO on your website. Why not let MSJ Marketing Consultants proof to you first that we can rank you for certain keywords, before you pay us a dime.

Why Offer FREE Video SEO Services?

Well, that’s easy. We won’t charge you a penny until you see your website (or video)* ranked in the search engines. We want to gain your trust and see that we can do what we say we’ll do. No more spending hundreds of dollars, monthly, to see no results. If you’re ready to learn how we can guarantee rankings on the first page of the search engines, then simply fill in the information below and someone will be in contact with you. Are you willing to continue to lose money on your SEO? If you answered “NO”, then get in touch with us as soon as possible and let us rank your business website.

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    * We will do a simple 30-60 second video and upload it on YouTube which we will rank and link to your business website.