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Social Media Management For Your Business

We understand the complexity of trying to manage your business social profiles while still running your business. With the emergence of Social Media, it is vital for your business to keep your exiting clientele, as well as potential customers, up to date and engaged about your business, product or services. At MSJ Marketing Consultants, we will maintain your social profiles and let you do what you do best which is running your business.


Optimal Social Content

$49 Set Up + Monthly Fees

This package is designed to give the optimal amount of social content, and at the right frequencies for each platform. Our team of experts will tailor a specific program that creates engagement and more traffic to your website and/or business. The promotion goes out 5 days a week.

Optimal Social Media Management Package

We do all the work

We profile your company and make daily tweets and posts that are keyword rich. We will even design and post custom images that are sure to give your company a set of social signals that Google will absolutely love. Having social interaction will actually help increase your Social Presence Organically.

Demo Control Panel (just type in your email as your username and use demo1 as the password)

If you’d like to see a sample of the Control Panel, simply go HERE. You’ll see our awesome platform where you’ll be able to see upcoming tweets and posts. You’ll be able to view, edit and even add your own tweets and posts.

(Use your email as “username” and demo1 as password)

Tweet and Post Options

Social Media Benefits